Arina Daru Shomal Factory

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Manufacturer

Customized Products

With respect to the technology used for manufacturing machines, the company’s ability to produce customized products, and professional production process, it is possible to produce any product in the best form and in proportion to the demands and requirements of esteemed customers.Relying on the scientific and experimental ability, R&D department experts are ready for providing consultations on the new and more efficient formulas in proportion to the type and conditions of herds and producing special and customized products for esteemed customers.


As quality assurance (QA) is the main pillar in pharmaceutical and food industries, QC laboratories, as one of the guaranteed and quality control levers, play a major and determining role in this industry. Regardless of the preparations in different stages of productions, QA supervises continuously all the indices effective in the quality of products. The QC department takes a role in other processes including technical and office processes and prevents invalid results.

About Us

Arina Daru Shomal Factory” was established in north of the country aiming at conducting studies, developing, and producing vitamin and mineral supplements for livestock, poultry, and aquatic animals industry. It started production based on the latest information and knowledge available in the international reliable sources according to the laws of National Veterinary Organization.By equipping a modern laboratory, installing, and operating the most modern machineries for pharmaceutical industries, the company has completely coordinated its work objectives and processes according to GMP regulations and has managed to produce high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements as per the international quality.To make accessible food supplement and to ensure the health of distribution network, the company dispatches its products across the country in stylish and suitable packages through the professional sales department in the company

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